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General VBA Customization

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is very powerful and versatile and can be used to extend the capabilities of many applications.

specializes in AutoCAD/MicroStation customization but can write utilities for any software application that supports VBA. What are some of the key benefits? Just a few of them are detailed below. However the power made available with VBA cannot be given justice here.

Can your working practices be reviewed? Is there any possibility that you could implement some customized procedures to simplify your working method statements, improve product quality and reduce work time scales?

Then TruckleSoft can help!

Microsoft Word VBA macros.

These extend the features of Microsoft Word and help automate or improve working practices.  For example, this macro presents the user with a dialogue and based upon those settings creates a document for issue to the client.


In this particular example, the coordinate data is imported from surveyed data files so there is virtually no user input needed.  Other parameters are specified via the program settings tab.  Such applications cut down the time needed to prepare these documents and greatly improves company performance.