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Software Development

Software can be written for virtually any purpose. The applications written by TruckleSoft are developed using Microsoft Visual C++ and undergo rigorous debugging to ensure the applications are stable and efficient.

This is an extremely versatile language that allows you to design dialogue and document interface applications. It can also be used to design plug-ins for other applications like Microsoft Outlook.

What are some of the key benefits? Just a few of them are detailed below. However the power made available with Visual C++ cannot be given justice here.

Can your working practices be reviewed? Is there any possibility that you could implement some customized procedures to simplify your working method statements, improve product quality and reduce work time scales? Then TruckleSoft can help!

Custom dialogue applications.

These applications may only contain a few dialogues as the front end user interface, but behind the scenes they can perform extremely complex and repetitive tasks, saving a company time and money.  Such applications also improve product quality and the working experience for users.  For example:


The above is a standalone application used to read in delimited text files and create AutoCAD DXF files based on the various options provided.

Plug-in for other applications.

Many applications on the market allow you to extend their capabilities via plug-ins (also known as add-ins).  For example:


This is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that presents the user with a dialogue and based on chosen settings reads data from an associated Microsoft Access Database into the Outlook calendar or contacts.  Such utilities are very useful because they allow you to duplicate data without user input, thus avoiding user input error.  Also, once data is held within Microsoft Outlook in can be synchronised to a hand-held device.