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Help Authoring

Over the years a company builds up solutions to problems or instructions on how to perform certain procedures. Usually these remain in an employee's notebook and other members of staff are not aware of this knowledge. Imagine having this information collated into one searchable knowledge base on your company network or intranet? Working procedures and standards can be detailed in this knowledge resource and it can be a consistent basis for informing new staff of such procedures.

TruckleSoft can create useful help documentation by taking your notes and images and converting them into a fully-functional knowledge base. Don't worry if you can't provide the images because we can visit your office and use special screen capture software to take snap-shots of all the required dialogues etc.

These documents are in CHM (Compiled HTML Help) format and are supported by most operating systems including Microsoft Vista.


By working together we can come up with a good knowledge base or similar to complement your working practices.